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Doctor of  Theology,  Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Biblical Counseling, Doctor of Music Education  & Doctor of  Christian Leadership  Degree Program

Doctorate Program

The Doctorate Degree is given to Pastors and Christian Leaders for lifetime accomplishment and achievement in the harvest fields of the world. You can recommend your Pastor for this honor by simply writing and requesting an application from

Requirements to receive the honor are as follows:

* You must be an ordained minister of the Gospel.-Attach Ordination Certificate

* You must submit a letter of recommendation from three (3) ordained ministers or Christian Leaders who have known you for at least 5 years.

* You must have been in ministry a minimum of 10 years.

* You must submit a complete resume of ministry experience and academic experiences and awards.

* Your name must be submitted by Board of Director, Faculty, or Alumni of Saints Of Value Ministerial Training Center.

* Must be able to attend the graduation ceremony in full Doctorate Attire.

*Attachments Copy of your DMV ID
* Copies of Diploma, Degrees, Certificates and Awards

* 25 to 30 page Thesis: Statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved essay or dissertation involving personal research, written

by the candidate in a college degree format.

* Reference/ Character letter of recommendation- must be originals They must besigned, dated and have contact information enclosed from at least three Ordained Ministers or Christian Leaders and mailed (U.S. mail accepted only)

* If you are approved as a candidate to receive this wonderful honor you will be notified by letter or phone call. There is no fee charged for this honor only a Graduation

Donation of $1,000 one month before ceremony

* Candidates are responsible for their tam, hood, gown and any other graduation attire expenses.

If you are interested in this Program...



S.O.V.  University  Downey, CA


  16 Weeks Class Room Courses Diploma and One Year Internship To Be License & Ordained

Online Classes is NOW available on the web see page stream live with S.O.V.  Also experience hands on training with

mock Weddings, Baptisms, Baby Dedication, Funerals “Home Going” and prepare a five minute Sermon on campus in  a class setting. Learn Ministry Made Simple while Discover Your Gifts & talents. Along with Gospel Media, How To Know You’re Called, Outreaches, Pulpit Etiquette, Accountability and more.

Certificate of Leadership *Ordination Certificate *Credentials Minister’s License* Evangelist Certificate* Pastoral License * Minister of Music* Missionary Certificate *Ministry of Helps Certificate and more..

At Saints Of Value Bible College we go the extra mile for you! With excellent, Bible based education. We are a 501c3 non-profit Organization. S.O.V. is a school of excellence, this is a place where we provide students with practical, hands on training to equip them to effectively live out their unique ministry calling. Are you ready to fulfill the call of God on your life Saints of value is a place where you will discover that you are a Saint of Value.



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