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SOV 106.9 FM




This station was built to bring God glory. In a different fashion of all types of Gospel music. A platform to worship and praise the name of Jesus Christ with no limitations or restrictions 24/7 non-stop praise. Our purpose is to reach the broken and the loss. Bringing awareness of who God is through the tools of radio. The understanding in the power of  a song can change the lives of many. Our faith in God is to break the chains off and set those free from bondage. Drawing you near the listener into salvation. Playing powerful music that can bring change. As you listen to the sounds of the drum, trumpets, strings of instruments we pray it brings the peace of God to feel your atmosphere. Sounds of music were also used in the biblical days to tear  down the walls of the enemy, Joshua 6:1-27.  Music was played to heal the sick 1 Samuel 16 :14-23  and  drive out evil spirits. Music is a weapon so use it in the time of trouble. As we feed you the word of God you can enjoy great music, receive liberty all through the airwaves of sound.

You Can Now Hear SOV 106.9 FM Radio in Your Cars, Laptops, Cellphones all Android and Apple Devices. By Downloading Radio Kung. The go to Explorer Typing SOV 106.9 FM and Enjoy. 



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