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Triumphant "She Fights To Win"

Journey Behind The Scenes

The Late
                 Apostle Dr. Vicki Lee                        Dec. 14, 1952- Aug 24, 2017


A true story based on the life of Dr. Victoria Lee, who fights to win. As she triumphant through dark challenges. Breaking down the steels walls to overcome the high and low pitfalls in her life as a youngwomen. 

This story is revealed in the suburban city of Norwalk California, predominantly Hispanic culture neighborhood where Pastor Victoria live with her two children. Victoria grew up in a small city called Watts. Coming from a large family. In those days’ families stock together who had little but had love and humility towards one another. 

As a young girl Victoria lived in the home with her mother Lovie & grandparents. Victoria’s grandmother was a woman of faith and a prayer warrior. Who taught her how to stand and believe in prayer at a early age. 


Never giving up suddenly death knocks on the front door of her love one. Leaving her sinking in life choices of quicksand. Victoria rises through her struggle as a teen into mature age. she carries on the legacy only to pass the baton with Victory. Tragedy hits her home; Dr. Victoria days are numbered SHE FIGHT TO WIN. 

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